Everyone has a Story to Tell

With The Author Programme

All Writing Abilities

Whether you're new to writing or you've had a life-long dream to write a book... The Author Programme will guide you every step of the way

Your Voice Matters

Authors inspire change. The Author Programme will teach you how to prepare for success. You will learn writing techniques used in best-selling books and discover simple writing practices to make sure you not only begin your book, but that you get all the way to the very end, so that you can add value into people's lives.

Believe and it will be so

Every writer has moments of doubt and times when they think that no one will read their work. There is always an audience for well written stories. Stories shower readers in hope and possibility. They bridge the gap between yesterday, today and tomorrow. Both fiction and non-fiction can make an impact on a person's life. You have choices in the way your story is told.

Produce Spell-Binding Stories that Inspire and Entertain

Learn how to write a compelling narrative that unfolds at the right pace, is told in the right voice, and is read by the right readers. What's your story?

Discover everything you need to write your story.

Unlock your Writing Potential

The Author Programme will bridge the gap between you and writing your best work yet!

“An impressive course. I really enjoyed the layout, found it easy to follow with clear goals. I had a piece of writing in mind and found the course gave me clarity to progress.”
Sarah Tweedle
“I was pleasantly surprised with the easy accessibility of The Author Programme. The content is helpful and insightful, and the coaching assistance is brilliant.”
Lesley lloyd
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