Discover your Perfect Editing Partner

Finding an editing partner who understands you, your writing and your goals is something The Academy of Writers can help with.

Some editors don’t feel the need to know you and your writing journey. 

They’ll ask what genre and assume a type of reader but there are times when the link between genre and reader isn’t strong enough.

Many editors take the genre your working within and use it as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ label – yet this really isn’t sufficient. Whilst an editor isn’t an agent they still need to know your why.

Agents will ask WHY this book is so important to you.


Not because they have less time on their hands to consider all the factors – because they’re interested in market value. Your Market Value.

Many independent editors won’t be interested in the finer details. They will focus on the story in hand: the plot, structure, character development, sense of place, plausibility, tension, conflict, resolution. These are all extremely important elements in what makes a story great.

Yet, if you’re looking for an agent to publish your story, or if you’re planning to publish it yourself – the WHY? is your marketing campaign. You need to know this from the very first point in the process.

The WHY? will help you, as an author, keep on the right track and will help the editor know if the story is holding together for its purpose.

There will be editors that have returning authors, repeat business and ongoing relationships which build over time, and there will be others who edit for new authors – one time only.

There will be editors that work freelance for publishing companies and work within brand. Editors may specialise in genre. They may hold all their value in thrillers or horror or romance or realism. They will know how to ‘uniform’ the story so that it meets reader expectations – which again is very important because if you don’t meet expectations, you won’t succeed.

When looking for an editor pay attention to the questions they ask. Make sure that they not only understand the genre you’re writing within but the purpose your writing for.

Make sure they understand the VALUE you want to add to the reader’s life – then you can be confident you’re in safe hands with the perfect editing partner.

How to Know you’re in Good Hands

The Academy of Writers Editing Service gets to know every one of its clients. You will be sent a form to complete about who you are, why you’re writing this story and who the target audience is (and this goes beyond the type of genre it belongs to). 

When the questions have been answered, you’ll be offered the opportunity to send in the first chapter for a free sample edit. 

This is how we’ll discover whether we’re a perfect match. For The Academy of Writers this is as important to us as it should be to you.

To start a connection and find out more send an email to

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