Each Module

In the Writing for Children course you will have access to 14 modules of course content. Each module will focus on a different aspect of writing for children, and every unit will provide you with downloadable resources to use as part of the lessons and /or save for future reference. At the end of every unit you will be challenged with exercises specific to that lesson. Before completing a module you will be tested on your knowledge.

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Creating Characters

You will learn how to create powerful characters for children’s stories, develop them to work in unison with the plot, setting, place and other characters.


This module will cover in detail story structures, story arcs and plotting a well considered plot from beginning, middle to end.


This module will cover the narrative styles of children’s stories such as first person, second person, third person and omniscient. You will begin to understand how each of these creates a different story and find the best voice for your writing style as a result.


This module will cover the purpose of dialogue, how it should be used to engage children and how to avoid dry, useless dialogue.

Setting and Place

This module will introduce you to the environment surrounding your characters, why it’s important and how to make the most of it so that your story is enriched from setting and place. How and why this can drive plot.


Different ages respond to different language. This module will look at reading ages, testing language, relatable words, fun words and popular culture that surrounds the lives of children’s language.


This module will cover FACTS about writing fantasy for children, what fantasy needs to be include, what’s expected by its readers and why rules are important when forming a fantasy world.

Fairy Tales

This module will cover the history of the fairy tale, how to turn tradition into something new, and how in this modern day using a tried and tested fairy formula will peak the interest of fairy tale lovers.


This module will cover the horror genre and writing horror for children. Why syntax is important and how deliver a plot that packs a ‘horrific’ punch.

Detective Fiction

This module will develop your understanding of writing detective fiction for children. Why character personalities can aid plot development, what a child needs to see in a child detective.

Historical Fiction

This module covers the elements of historical fiction for children, how it should emulate history and what to avoid.


What makes realism for the different age groups, the types of realism in fiction and why it’s important for children.

Picture Books

This module will cover picture books. Writing techniques, readers, illustrators and illustrations and a guide to specifications in producing a picture book.

Getting Published

Whether you want to write for your own personal joy or you want to publish your children’s story, this module will help you determine the best route for you: self-publishing or traditional publishing.

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