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Learning is not just about teaching practice and subject. Learning is about joining in with a community of other like-minded individuals who share your passion and creativity. When you sign up for The Author Programme you get instant access into a community of like-minded individuals. You'll find positivity, encouragement and so much more within this community because writers of any genre, age and experience know only too well, that when you write, you put a little of yourself onto the page - and that can only ever be applauded.

Student Reviews

Elizabeth Candlish

Verified Student
For someone who isn't the best on computers, I found this online course very easy to follow.

John Barnes

Verified Student
The Author Programme gave me so much inspiration that I couldn't wait to go away and try new techniques with my characters.

Tania Silvester

Verified Student
There's a whole host of information in The Author Programme, in particular I liked the approach to character profiling.
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