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In The Author Programme you will have access to 18 modules of course content. Each module will focus on a different aspect of writing, and every unit will provide you with downloadable resources to use as part of the lessons and /or save for future reference. At the end of every unit you will be challenged with exercises specific to that lesson. Before completing a module you will be tested on your knowledge, and don't forget the schedule of LIVE coaching calls and Q and As that you'll have access to as part of your writing journey.

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The Author Programme is accessible from anywhere in the world. Simply register, log in and you're away.

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Progress is tested at the end of each module, enabling you to keep track of achievements.

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You will have access to other writers through a social platform. Details of the social platform and access will be given at time of registration.


Preparing for Success

You will learn how to turn ideas into plots, and how to break down plots into chapters. This module will teach the tradition of story arcs. story arc types and where they fit into today’s literature.


This module is all about characters. Great characters tell great stories. You will learn the types of characters, how to create them and how to develop them through a plot. You will discover the art of creating 3 dimensional characters and the the uses for 2 dimensional characters. 


Where to begin? A novel can begin in any place a writer chooses, and this module will help tease out the best place to start your novel. The first page is crucial to get right. You will learn how to balance just enough detail and avoid overloading the reader with too much too soon.

Narrative Voice

Find your voice and choose a narrative style. Different narration will produce different aspects of a story. This module will cover first person narration, second person narration, third person narration and omniscient narration. Through sample texts you will discover the effects of each narrative style.

Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing produces imagery through words. It builds a picture in a reader’s mind. You will learn how useful sensory writing techniques can be is creating powerful descriptions that build emotional connections. Sensory detail uses the five senses.


This module will teach how effective dialogue can motivate characters, its uses in plot development and how to write it naturally.

Romantic Writing

This module will cover the importance of reading and the expectations of the romance novel. You will discover the technique of explicit and elicit writing, show not tell, as well as identifying romantic situations that appear across many other genres. 

Historical Writing

This module will teach the importance of fact over fiction, how writers teach readers, and will provide useful information on how to research and locate resources of historical information.

Horror Writing

This module will cover why reading is important, and writing suspense and panic techniques for writers across all genres. It will include sample texts of horror scenes and demonstrate how to build tension and keep readers on the edge of their seats. Remember, horror isn’t only in the horror section – there can be horrific moments at any point in any story.

Mystery Writing

How to manage reader expectations and knowing your audience is a crucial element of writing success. This module will cover what the cosy-mystery reader expects, the cast, killers and red herrings, and the success of the cosy-mystery series writer.


This module will cover how realism features in women’s fiction, inspired by everyday life, and how some authors make comedy and others produce more dramatic adaptations of realism. You will read sample text from different aspects of realism literature.

Science Fiction

This module covers how reality inspires science fiction, the background of the genre, inspiration vs imagination and the creation of worlds.


You will discover the beginning of the fantasy story, sub-genres such as magical realism and more, fantasy creatures and mythical beings and what to consider when creating fantasy worlds.

Thriller Writing

This module will cover the rise and fall of suspense, foreshadow and the thriller mystery.

Adventure Writing

This module will cover reader inspiration, adventure writing, conflict and will explore the risks needed for a compelling adventure novel.

Best-selling Author Practices

This module will cover the tried and tested techniques used by best-selling authors. You will be given the opportunity to consider how these tips and practices could help your writing routine.

Getting Published

This module will cover the role of agents, contracts and the responsibility to you, the writer. 

A Quick Guide to Self-publishing

This module will cover a writer’s accessibility to self-publishing platforms, to the self-publishing world, copyright to your work and the responsibilities of the author.

Make Writing Your Reality

With this 18 module The Author Programme you really can make writing your reality.

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